What are Your Vehicle’s Warning Lights Telling You?

New cars are designed with warning systems and sensors to alert you when there is a problem. The issue is that most people aren’t sure how to decipher the car warning symbol meanings and therefore allow small car maintenance complaints to go unresolved. This leads to bigger and more expensive issues, so it is important to treat issues as they arise. Here’s what you need to know about your vehicle’s warning lights.

Service Engine Light

This light alerts you that your scheduled maintenance is near. Sometimes it will have words or letters such as “service” or “service engine” written with it.

Check Engine Light

Your motor has sensors attached to it that are monitored by a computer interface. When this light arises, it can mean that any one of over 4,000 codes has been alerted by the interface. A technician needs to use a scanner tool to read the codes your vehicle is sending you. Many times, it can be a simple issue that is easily resolved. Other times, people will let it go and find out down the road that the small problem lead to bigger issues.

Brake Warning Light

There are numerous reasons you can encounter this light. Sometimes it is just that your parking brake is engaged while other times you might be losing fluid. If you aren’t able to resolve the light quickly, it must be checked out by a professional.

Oil Warning Light

When the oil pressure inside your engine gets too low, this light will alert you. You don’t want to continue to drive with this light on or you could damage the engine.

Time for a Professional?

There are some other lights you might encounter as well such as the electrical fault or a coolant warning light. The first thing you want to do when you see any light on the control panel is to stop and read the owner’s manual. There you’ll find detailed descriptions based on your model vehicle. If you are still unsure of what to do next, it would be wise to seek out car repair in Los Angeles for your needs. The reliable and professional staff at FIAT of Los Angeles of Motor Village LA offers the best Southern California car repair for your needs. You trust us to sell you only the highest quality of vehicles; now we ask you to trust us with their care.

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