Are Your Brakes Trying to Tell You Something?


As you are driving around your FIAT, it is imperative that your brakes work just as intended. Since brakes degrade slowly, it can sometimes be hard to detect decreased performance, but by listening, feeling and looking at your brakes, you can tell when it is time for FIAT brake work.

What are the Warning Signs?

To tell when something is wrong with your disc brakes, you’ll want to look and listen. First, look through your wheel spokes to see the brake pads. The outside pad is going to be pressed up against the metal rotor. There should be a minimum of a ¼ inch of pad remaining. If there is less than that, it’s time to have some FIAT maintenance performed.

If you are traveling down the road and you hear a high-pitched sound like a screech or a slight scraping noise, it might be the indicator on the pad telling you it’s time to have them changed. There is an exception to be aware of. If you have left the vehicle sit in humid conditions, such as after rainfall or carwash, the moisture may create the same noise on the brake pads. In this instance, there is nothing wrong and the sound should disappear after a few stops.

Other Signs of Brake Wear

  • In addition, you’ll want to watch for these signs that your brakes need to be replaced.
  • Reduction in responsiveness
  • Pulling to one side when the brake is applied
  • Grinding noise
  • Growling
  • Unusual vibration

Maintain Your FIAT for a Long Life

Many car owners will overlook the importance of brake maintenance. If you want to keep repair costs at a minimum and extend the life of your vehicle, you’ll want to pay attention to what your brakes are trying to tell you. When it’s time to get your FIAT repairs in Southern California, visit us at FIAT of Los Angeles and we will supply all your maintenance needs. The trained professionals from FIAT of LA at Motor Village LA are equipped and ready to handle whatever you throw at them!

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